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Titan Professional Tools Sprayers


SURE SHOT Sprayers can be used with many different chemicals. SURE SHOT is the best selling portable sprayer line and a leader in refillable, rechargeable, compressed air sprayers. Model A and M sprayers are their most industrial lines of sprayers. They feature metal construction, brass nozzles, and corrosion resistant working parts. Model A Sprayers have a 32 oz. liquid capacity and the Model M sprayers have a 24 oz. capacity. Model A sprayers feature a steel canister and come with either a powder coated or chrome plated exterior. Model M sprayers have an industrial anodized finish on both the interior and exterior. Model A sprayers work with oil and solvent based materials and Model M sprayers can also be used with water based materials. Model B Sprayers are available in 8oz and 16oz. capacities. The Model B sprayers are the same diameter as an aerosol can and can be used with many products.
Fluids & Lubrications
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    Titan Vaper 19419 Non-Aerosol Spot Spray Sprayer, 32 oz Capacity, 80 to 150 psi Operating Pressure, 200 psi Maximum
    Titan Vaper 19419 Non-Aerosol Spot Spray Sprayer, 32 oz Capacity,...
    # TL19419
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