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Frequently Asked Questions

   Need more information? Below you'll find the "frequently asked questions" we hear most often from our customers.


  • How can I place an order with DealerShop?

    Orders can be placed by telephone, fax or by website and must contain the DealerShop product numbers. Along with your order, we would ask you to provide the following information:

    • your DealerShop membership number (for members only)
    • your purchase order number
    • the DealerShop product numbers corresponding to the products you wish to order
    • if you are not a DealerShop member, you will need a credit card to place an order

    Important: When taking your order via phone, our representative can provide you with the DealerShop invoice number. Retain this number for future reference: it will be very important should the need arise to track your order. This number appears on both the packing slip and the DealerShop invoice.

    Faxed orders
    DealerShop supplies fax order pads free of charge to all its members. Simply call our call center and our representatives will be happy to have them shipped to you as soon as possible.

  • How do I order items that are not in stock?

    Place the order and once we have inventory of that item, we will ship that out as a priority.

  • Can I order non-stocking items?

    At times, some products may not be listed in our inventory, but may still be available through DealerShop.  This does not prevent you from ordering a product we do not currently have in stock along with your regular order. Please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Call Center at 833-DEAL-001..

  • How do I inquire about my order?

    The DealerShop Call Center will keep you informed of the status of your orders as well as any delays caused by back-orders.  Whenever you require information on one or more of your orders, please have the DealerShop sales order number(s) available.

  • Can I return paint?

    When returning an automotive painting system, you must contact our paint supplier's representative before shipping the merchandise.


  • What If I have questions about my invoice?

    DealerShop's Customer Accounts Department is available to help you with any questions you may have regarding billing. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require assistance at 248.599.1891.

  • How do I pay an invoice for a vendor direct ship?

    It is important for you to use only the DealerShop invoice number as the payment reference for all vendor direct invoices.

  • How do I manage Principal accounts and satellite accounts?

    If, in addition to your automotive dealership, you own other dealerships, you will receive a statement for each of these dealerships. We would appreciate it tremendously, if you would issue separate payment checks for each of these statements. This will make it much easier for us to carry out the reconciliation of accounts.

  • What is the process for Invoicing cycling?

    On the 1st of each month, we produce and send out statements to all our members. All invoices produced between the 1st and the last day of the current month appear on this statement and are itemized by category and vendor purchases. Payment of this statement must be made no later than the 15th of the following month.

    Important: All statements come with a detachable stub which shows all your invoice numbers. Please include this stub with your payment and put a check mark next to the number of DealerShop invoices which you are not paying. We will then contact you to clear up the status of these invoices with you.

  • Where do I send payment information?

    Remittance Payments made by check may be remitted to:
    35980 Woodward Avenue, Ste. 210
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

    To make payments via ACH or wire transfer, please contact our Accounts Receivable department for complete details: 
    Email:  jbeally@dealershopusa.com     Phone:  248.599.1891 x 3004

  • How do I return items to DealerShop?

    To request a return of merchandise or for any other situation related to the shipment of your order, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1.248.599.1891 # 3 or info@dealershopusa.com to obtain an authorization number to return the merchandise. To qualify for approval, the customer’s account must be current and in good standing.

    In the case of an approved return, you will be issued a credit providing, of course, that the merchandise is in good condition. You will be charged a 15% re-stocking charge. You are also responsible for all shipping charges of the returned goods. To accelerate the process, please have the DealerShop invoice number for the merchandise you wish to return.  

    If you must return merchandise due to an error by one of our departments, please ship it collect.  The 15% re-stocking charge will be waived. 

  • Is a Return of Materials Authorization Form required?
    Yes.  It is.  You can download it from this link,   rma-form.  Once completed, return it to info@dealershopusa.com.
  • Where will the order ship from?


    All deliveries will ship from our warehouse facility located in Albany, New York.  DealerShop offers its services to new franchised automotive and truck dealers through our warehouse.


  • When will my orders ship?

    Delivery times vary between 24 and 72 hours depending on the region.  Shipping occurs once per week from Albany, New York.  To have your order shipped the same day, your order must be called in to our call center prior to 2:00pm EST (Monday - Thursday) and prior to 11:00am EST on Friday.

  • Can I pick my order up from the warehouse in Albany, NY?

    The dealers who wish to pick-up their orders directly from the New York warehouse can do so.  After your order has been sent, a short amount of time is required to prepare your order. A white glove service is available for emergency orders. However, you must notify our customer service representative when sending in an emergency order. We strongly recommend that you give your driver the DealerShop order number corresponding to your emergency order. When picking up your order at the warehouse, you must allow for the following time:  

    Regular Order - 3 hours
    Emergency Order( with 1-10 items) -  1 hour

    Our warehouse hours are:
    Monday thru Friday
    7:00am to 4:00pm

  • Does DealerShop offer Tool and equipment specialists?

    DealerShop provides you with access to specialists in equipment and tools.  Their product and market knowledge will assist you to find the optimal solution when major investments such as equipment purchases, automotive repair hoists, paint booths, compressors, and storage equipment.  Regardless of your needs, DealerShop can assist you in selecting the optimal solution respecting both your requirements and budget.
    We also offer an equipment leasing program for your financing needs.

  • Do I have access to DealerShop’s Collision center specialists?

    DealerShop gives its members access to a team of collision center specialists, on top of its 10 general sales representatives; all trained in collision center management. This team covers all DealerShop territories in the US.  These specialists coordinate the relationship between you and our paint suppliers, on top of offering you management services for your shop.   Our supplier technicians work in conjunction with our team of sales representatives as well as with our collision center specialists to assist you in your shops: application problems, the use of a new product or new technology, a complete change of painting system, etc.   Access to their services is complimentary to all DealerShop members.