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Tips for Finding the Right Automotive Masking Tape for Your Car


Automotive masking tape is one of the most important auto body shop supplies. Painters tape is important for painting and priming vehicles, homes, etc. When painting and priming a vehicle, you may need to cover moldings, plastic, glass, metal, rubber, etc. Masking tape and masking paper is the perfect combination of materials to help accomplish this.

While there are many brands of auto body masking tape, we only carry the top brands. We proudly stock 3M automotive refinish masking tape because their products are durable, are well priced and have good adhesion to most materials. They can be used to tape off a car, truck, motorcycle or even the trim of a house. 3M masking tapes are made for different applications, and we carry many sizes of 3M masking tapes, so you have exactly what you need to finish a project.

Besides masking tape, auto shops also need fine line and double-sided tape. Fine line tape is perfect for laying out detail work like stripes, flames, and other types of customizations. Double-sided tape is perfect for adhering badges, logos, and emblems that glue or screws cannot handle.

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