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Well Worth Predator Carburetor Cleaner, 15.75 oz. (1007) Well Worth 1007
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Well Worth Predator Carburetor Cleaner, 15.75 oz. (1007)

Item # 1007
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Well Worth
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Well Worth Predator Carburetor Cleaner, 15.75 oz. (1007)

  • Unleash the Predator within your engine with Well Worth Predator Carburetor Cleaner, the ultimate weapon against gum, varnish, and carbon deposits! This heavy-duty, 15.75 oz. formula packs a serious punch, dissolving grime down to the bare metal within seconds.
  • Restore optimal performance and eliminate common problems like:
    • Hard starting
    • Rough idling
    • Stalling
    • High exhaust emissions
    • Reduced fuel economy
  • Predator is safe for:
    • Oxygen sensors
    • Catalytic converters
    • PCV systems
    • Heat risers
    • Carburetor linkage
  • And it's super easy to use:
    • Turn off the engine and remove the air cleaner.
    • Spray the entire inside of the carburetor.
    • Attach the snorkel to the valve button and spray liberally.
    • Clean the outside of the carburetor.
  • Give your engine the Predator treatment today and experience the power of a clean carburetor!

For over 20 years, Well Worth has been providing the car, truck and fleet industry with the highest quality aftermarket car care products.  All products are 100% guaranteed.  Since 1997, Well Worth has developed, manufactured car care products in the U.S. Their aerosol shop supplies, lubricants, greases and spill pads have been designed to make “getting the job done” quicker and easier, saving you time and money.  Each product has been refined and tested until they meet exacting quality standards.