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Interior Protection

DealerShop is your destination for a comprehensive range of high-quality vehicle protection products that cater to every aspect of automotive service operations. We understand the diverse needs of auto dealerships and service centers, which is why our extensive inventory includes an array of essential items. Whether you're looking to keep a customer's vehicle in pristine condition during service or want to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the interior, DealerShop has you covered. Our selection spans from plastic and paper floor mats that safeguard against dirt and wear, to plastic seat covers that protect upholstery. Moreover, our inventory includes steering wheel covers and tire covers that provide a layer of protection against dust, grime, and the elements. Whatever your requirements may be, trust DealerShop to provide the perfect solution for your vehicle protection needs.

Floor Mats
Interior Protection Dispenser Rack
Plastic Seat Covers
Steering Wheel Covers
Tire Storage Bags
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